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Eleonora's Falcons

The eleonora's falcon has an unusual and interesting life. The latin name, Falco eleonorae also has an interesting history. Falco is derived from the latin word falcis meaning sickle and refers to the shape of its claws. Eleonor of Arborea is the national heroine of Sardinia, and was born in 1347 and became Queen of Arborea until her death in 1404.…

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Corn Salad

Valerianella discoidea belongs to a genus of plants known as "Corn salads" which grow on fallow ground, fields, roadsides etc. and are common throughout the Mediterranean. The base leaves are picked before flowering and make a nice addition to a green salad. What makes this short annual plant special to me is that it is has not been recorded as gro…

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One last look at Tilos

Looking across at Tilos over the big field in the middle of the island of Symi. The olive grove has been under planted with oats and is looking very green this year after last year's poor rains.



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Agios Pandeleimonas

The monastery is located at the extreme North West of Tilos at the end of the road at a very isolated spot. Situated just below Krialos and next to a spring we took a bus up there but you can walk the old mountain path from Eristos. Over the doorway into the church (the red roofed building) there is an inscription with the date 1470. There is a ver…

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A Day Trip to Tilos

The beach and port at Livadia;  a Mediterranean shag in the harbour; a song thrush in Megalo Horio, only the second one I have seen in four years, the first being on Symi at about the same time of year; and hooded crows which are noticeable by their absence on Symi and finally sunset over Tilos.


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Coastal Paths on Tilos

The coastal footpaths are dramatic in their scenery, often perched half way up steep cliff surrounded by good quality garrigue.

Everywhere the low yellow flowered bushes of  Greenweed or Genista acanthoclada scent the air with coconut not dissimilar to our own gorse bushes.

Butterflies; gatekeepers everywhere, clouded yellows and eas…

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Four Days on Tilos

I have much to recommend about a stay on Tilos. The walking, the bird watching and just generally the wild life are exceptional. Hunting and shooting on Tilos has been banned for many years with the result that there is rich diversity of wildlife and plant life on the island. There is little overgrazing on the island with the result that the Medite…

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