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Under the Cliffs

After a gentle climb to a view point overlooking a ravine into the crater the path picks its way beneath an over-hanging cliff where strange features have been worn by the wind  and the rain into the sandstone. We can feel the heat rising from the ravine below and reflected from the rocks above and in places the path has degraded into scree slopes.…

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Towards Emborios

Old shepherds houses dot the landscape often with a long disused threshing circle sited nearby. Below an old abandoned church complete with a marble pillar and doric capitol sits next to the path. Sea squill flower spikes wave in the breeze and herald the winter and forthcoming rains (we hope). 

A burnt out tree trunk probably struc…

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A Walk to Emborios

We started at Evangelistria, a monastery above the harbour and followed an old path through the trees and terraces to Emborios. After some lunch we returned the same way. The parking and sitting area is shaded by one of the biggest turpentine trees I have ever seen.

The path passes through a few small holdings before reaching open countr…

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The old village of Εμπορειός sits at the northern edge of the crater on Nisyros but is much less preserved or restored than Νικία. I am told it has a permanent population of 12 and is becoming popular with artists. A unique and old way of life is recorded in many of the ruins that are now inhabited by sheep, rodents and in one case a colony of bats…

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The Kastro, Nisryos

A short walk from Mandraki to the Castro via the monastery. The walls of the Kastro date from 4th BC and were built to protect the city of Nisyros by some bloke called Mausolus of Karia who ruled over nearby islands for a bit. Nice bit of dry stone walling with each stone weighing about 20-40 tons. Good views of the town and the lesser efforts of t…

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Hocklaki Beach

We are warned by a sign on the beach not to remove the black basalt pebbles. This beach is just below the monastery at the end of the town.

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The Crater

The village of Νικιά sits on the edge of the crater high up but down below it's quite a smelly business in "Στέφανος" at the bottom of the volcano on Nisyros.



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Nisyros was created after the God Poseidon chased one of the Gigantes (or giants, not the very large butter beans) across the Aegean sea. He pursued the giant Polyvotis and cut off part of Kos and threw it at him and Nisyros was thus born. The rumblings of the volcano is the giant moaning at his demise.

The port of Mandraki is stunningly beau…

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