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Ivy Leaved Sowbread

On a hill overlooking the harbour on Kalymnos Ivy leaved sowbread and a fishing boat returning in the late afternoon's sun. Cyclamen hederifolium  is commonly known as sowbread or swinebread because wild pigs had a particular fondness for the tubers. According to the Greek philosopher Theospartus (c327-c287BC) it was used to excite love and voluptu…

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Yelkouan Shearwaters

A trip on the catamaran ferry up to Kalymnos  always brings the possibility of seeing shearwaters and Sunday was no exception. A glassy sea, the sun behind us and a close encounter with the Datca peninsular near Knidos are all favourable omens. Yelkouan shearwaters stay in the Mediterranean all year round (there is some evidence they travel up to…

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