A Flora and Fauna of Symi

A personal guide to the wildlife of Symi and beyond

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Up The Kali Limni

The walk to the summit of the Kali Limni on Karpathos takes about one and a half hours from the small settlement of Lastos.

Starting from the taverna and leaving out drinking the raki until you return the path is marked by a lone pear tree in the distance.

Our walk was also marked by a group of 30+ ravens playing in a large rising thermal.

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The countryside here is very open with low herbs and shrubs  and at this time of the year in November there is very little to see in the way of flowers.

This is stonechat country.

Just a few autumn bulbs here and there and a few drought resistant flowers.






We were hoping to Bonelli's eagles somewhere on Karpathos but that was not to be, so today we had to make do with a few woolly residents.

The views from the summit at 4050 feet were just spectacular and made up for the lack of eagles, however.







And just to prove we got there...........

The return down was relatively stress free and we arrived at the taverna in time for a glass of home made raki. Well, one third raki, one third wine, one third water and an offer of lamb stifado; all products from the taverna owner's farm!







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