A Flora and Fauna of Symi

A personal guide to the wildlife of Symi and beyond

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The Terrace

 As promised a view of the terrace above Horio and looking across the valley. Ten days ago it looked liked this.

The "Portrait of a Greek Mountain Village" by Juliet Du Boulay gives a good idea of  the farming year. Juliet spent 2 years studying a Greek  mountain village in Euboea in the late 1960's before the way of life changed forever into what we see in modern Greece. There are still many vestiges of that way of being here on Symi, far too detailed to be reproduced here.




 This is a copy from her book of the "Ecological Year".

As you can see in October they planted oats, barley and wheat and in the photograph on Symi we have oats, mainly as a food source for sheep and goats. I have yet to see barley or wheat planted here, but there is evidence for these crops as seen by the threshing circles (this one above Pedi) that cover many parts of the island.






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