A Flora and Fauna of Symi

A personal guide to the wildlife of Symi and beyond

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Sitia is a large sprawling town on the north east coast of Crete and served as a convenient overnight stop on our journey to Karpathos.

There is still an old town to explore and above it there is a quaint but small Byzantine castle which offers good views of the surrounding area. The archeology museum is worth a visit too.






I was slightly surprised to see this large gathering of starlings in Sitia. It was quite an impressive murmuration and went on for about half an hour with small groups arriving every few minutes or so. Eventually they settled in the date palms decorating the sea front.

Possibly the first time I've seen starlings in Greece!





Up by the castle I found a small group of foraging great tits. Again by UK standards not impressive but the first time I've seen great tits in Greece. 

Be thankful for small mercies and perhaps I need to get out more!

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