A Flora and Fauna of Symi

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A trip over to Rhodes from Symi last Wednesday produced several hundred shearwaters. Once again no camera but the Diagoras sailed through a large raft - 100 + - of yelkouan shearwaters (similar to manx shearwaters). Amongst these birds were the much larger cory's shearwaters (pictured) distinctive by their large wingspan of 120cm almost twice the size of the yelkouans. The cory's will soon be off on migration to South America whilst their cousins will spend the winter in the Mediterranean.

This seems to be a favoured spot, about five kilometers out of Rhodes harbour, here the sea is often choppy and the wake from the boat often breaks up quickly, possibly due to strong currents, so I guess the fishing must be good here. Another spot where I have seen shearwaters regularly is near the gap between Symi and Sesklia, the currents are strong here too; always worth a look out if you are on "round the island trip" with Yanni Poseidon!

Read more here http://yelkouanshearwater.org/en/



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