A Flora and Fauna of Symi

A personal guide to the wildlife of Symi and beyond

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Round Profitis Ilias

Karpathos: part two.

This was the mid way point and the highest place on the walk at about 500 metres. The views were literally breathtaking.

Shortly after this point we stopped for lunch. In the distance was an old farmstead and you can see the threshing circle, long since disused. behind us on the hill the terraces stretched almost to the top.

This pile of limestone rocks is not going anywhere for a while.........

Around the corner over another crescent and we come across these orchids beside the path. Orchis quadripuncta.

The path continues on against the side of the mountain, quite precipitous in places.

Dottted either side the barbary nut (iris)

A well tended olive grove with a stressed eastern strawberry tree by the gate (below).

And shortly after leaving the olive grove the find of the day, Ophrys scolopax subsp. heldereichii.

Next onto some seriously slippery shale again, quite scary considering the drop below us but that didn't prevent me catching these two little beauties in the rocks. Polygala venulosa and Astragalus austroaegaeus.

Finally down the mountain towards home and lots of these Gagae graeca flowers. 




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