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Rodos: Day 3

LinkCommercial harbour in Rhodes town




After 2 days of strong winds today (friday) sees a force 9 blowing from the nort-east, effectively stopping all shipping and leaving my ferry anchored off Kalymnos until the storm blows itself out.

The harbour car park at Rhodes town seemed to be a good place to start. With its large expanse of gravel and standing water and slight protection from the wind.










Two mediterranean gulls in their winter coats keeping low next to a first winter yellow legged gull.












The black headed gull in the foreground compares well with the med gull behind it. A slightly thinner bill and with black tail feathers compared with the med gull's thicker and slightly down-turned bill. The adult med gull also has white tail feathers.










With over a hundred birds sheltering in the harbour car park the only other species was this sandwich tern. 

Unlike other terns that travel thousands of miles to the southern hemisphere sandwich terns are known to over-winter in the mediterranean.






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