A Flora and Fauna of Symi

A personal guide to the wildlife of Symi and beyond

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Rodos; Day 2 late afternoon




About 8 kilometers north of Apolakia on a tarmacadamed road is a man made resevoir. This lake sits on the Sianitis river. The view from the dam wall is stunning in both directions.

The view to the south is a patchwork of green fields growing all sorts of vegetables and cereals and criss-crossed by drainage ditches and dry river beds.







There is plenty of cover in the valley from trees, shrubs and the huge reed grasses that line the ditches and field edges. Blue tits and other small passerines forage in large numbers hereabouts, no doubt providing a plentiful supply of food for raptors such as this long legged buzzard.





Today, the lake is relatively quiet but I am led to believe that during the migration season anything can and does turn up here.

Still, I am happy with this little grebe. A resident I would guess and probably there was a mate somewhere near.






A coot maybe common enough in England but it is the first one I've seen in Greece so I'm happy enough finding this one.

(I remember seeing over a thousand on cheddar resevoir one cold winters day!)








Once again a new species for me in Greece today, the GREAT CORMORANT Phalacrocorax carbo, or just your average cormorant that you see fishing off any coast or river in England. There were four of them but this bird stayed and plucked a few fish out of the resevoir. 

I'm happy with that.







With sun going down rapidly I decided to continue around the lake on the road that is marked as a metalled road on the map. No chance!


Never mind, but I did get to photograph a lovely Cretan iris by the roadside before retracing my steps.

Definetly worth another visit in the spring.


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