A Flora and Fauna of Symi

A personal guide to the wildlife of Symi and beyond

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Rock Formations

The view from the hill above Aghia Marina in the middle of Symi. In the far distance to the top of the picture is a couple of acres of enclosed land, ungrazed, and still full of greenery or brownery(!) at least.






Looking across to Kokkimidhis. The landscape is bare here, the vegetation eaten away by grazing animals and parched dry by months of relentless sun.







Looking down at the ancient settlement near Aghios Ioannis Tsagrias. There are a couple of threshing circles here and many enclosures. At the top and to the left is a rectangular structure with huge finely cut stones that resemble Byzantine or earlier structures elsewhere on Symi. Some of these stones have been reused in some of the goat and sheep enclosures and some have fallen away due to earthquakes possibly. An ancient temple perhaps? Who knows?





Nearby is an old wine press. The upright slabs can be seen here and this particular wine press looks as if it was domed. Now collapsed and a sorry sight it sits a few minutes walks from Aghia Marina.


























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