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Rain & Bee-eaters.

Updated 10.20pm.

It has been raining all day with little wind and the temperature has been hovering about 14 Celsius. A gentle southerly breeze and a cloud base of about a thousand feet left me feeling that nothing much would happen but at about 5 o'clock I could hear a bubbling sound coming from the sky. Sure enough about 40 plus european bee-eaters were flying in front of the house at the same height of the balcony where I live. A quick chase around the village to find a better view point allowed me to briefly catch a few photos of them sitting on the wires before they disappeared over Pedi and northwards on their migration.

They appeared almost to the day the same time last year in the same place but the tree next door which had long tresses of flowers is not quite in flower this year. The attraction there is the thousands of hornets that hum over the tree; but not today. Still I could see them taking hornets elsewhere and no doubt they would have stayed around longer if the tree had been fully in flower. If anybody can identify this tree I'd be most grateful!

Thanks to Peter Hawes for identifying  the above tree as a Portugal Laurel or Prunus Lusitanica. This tree has almost certainly been planted as an ornamental tree and rarely becomes naturalized in this region, its natural home being in Portugal and Spain.

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