A Flora and Fauna of Symi

A personal guide to the wildlife of Symi and beyond

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Profitis Ilias




The area around Profitis Ilias is a mixture of cypress woodland and open garrigue with contoured terraces on every level.

There are no footpaths here and it is just a matter of following old goat tracks and stumbling across man made staircases.







This terrace has a level with dressed stone that is more contemporary with Byzantine stonework. So possibly built between 600 AD and mid 1300's. 














The vegetation is very over grazed by goats but bulb species do well here and this very early friar's cowl puts on an impressive display.











The leaves of the cyclamen are just beginning to show and in another month the beautiful flowers will appear.






The island's only tit does well here scavenging small insects from the leaves and seeds from the cypress trees in the summer.










Photographing small birds on Symi is always a challenge and even the humble chaffinch can present difficulties. Here seen with a flock of 200+ other birds including goldfinches, serins and coaltits.








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