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Portuguese Laurel & Copyright issues

Recently I have discovered a website that stores my photos and allows the public to download these photos for free or cost and without my permission. The site is a complete scam and although it looks professional few of the links work (contact us, about etc). If you google an image for example, a blackbird, my title is there (symifloraandfauna.jigsy.com) but the link takes you through to their website without acknowledging the owner or my website. I have issued a take down notice with the host and with google but I fear little will change as the site is probably Russian, the name gives it away (or eastern European) and these sites often pop up again under a different name.

Sadly I will now be putting a discrete logo on each photo with hidden data that will make it plain to all who these photos belong to. If you want to download any of my photos you are welcome to do so with my permission sought first and with acknowledgment if published anywhere else. I run this website as a hobby and make no financial gain for the photos I publish. I find it very sad that others would seek to undermine even this aspect of my work.

Below is an example of all photos that will appear here. It is a portuguese laurel, and has long flowing tresses that flower all through the summer providing nectar for bees and insects during the hot summer days.

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