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Pie in the sky.....

September 16, 2014

Over the Acropolis high in the sky soar eight majestic birds of prey. Round and round they go making use of the rising air in a thermal to gain height. Occasionally one would peel off at speed to look for the next thermal. Away south and on to Rodos and thence to Africa. Difficult to tell at this distance but probably long legged buzzards. These would be travelling from Russia and the Balkans to spend the winter in North Africa. Majestic birds and often mistaken as golden eagles.

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On Sept 9th I walked with a group of friends on the 'upper route' to Ag Emilianos ie from Mirtariotissa up to Nikitas and along the ridge via Kastro. Above Nikitas we saw about 30 birds wheeling overhead - it was difficult to count the exact number but I have one photo which shows 13. Unfortunately I was using a small digital camera so the image at maximum zoom is very pixellated.

On the birds we saw, the white markings on the underside of the wings fill only the outer third, the rest being brown, but the silhouette of the bird in terms of wing and tail shape is very similar to the one in your blog. Do you have any idea what they might be, please?

Many thanks