A Flora and Fauna of Symi

A personal guide to the wildlife of Symi and beyond

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We had initially two reasons to go to Olympos that is in the far North of Karpathos; they still wear traditional dress and secondly, Bonelli's eagles.

Sadly the latter were nowhere to be seen but we weren't to be disappointed by the former. 

Indeed in the cafes the women were busy sowing and I think we may have been the only tourists in the town.













Olympos sits on a sharp ridge with one side pointing out to sea and the other into the steep terrace sculpted hillsides.

Built originally in an inaccessible place safe from marauding pirates it now puts up with sightseers like ourselves which help the community to survive and still retain its identity.

The views from the village are spectacular.






This staircase went up beyond the windmills. I managed to get about twenty steps up before I lost my nerve. The drop below was almost vertical and about 200 feet. 

It was about here that I took the photo of the terraces below. Mmmm....imagine carrying corn up these steps to be ground and then back down to the village. I imagine the donkeys had a good head for heights.




Not much wildlife here but more than made up for by Olympos, the people and the stunning views. Here's a serin!


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