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Olivaceous Warbler and Spotted Flycatcher

May 7, 2014

Another first for me today was catching an olivaceous warbler on camera. I have one below my house that sings its scratchy song all day which you can hear here but can I ever see it. Anyway walking down to the Olive Tree cafe one obligingly sat on a branch naked for all to see. Yes!  They are everywhere; in every bush; on every fig tree; no threat here. Another bird very similar I caught today was a spotted flycatcher. But the big prize today was the return of the Turtle dove to Symi. These are threatened though. They might taste nice on a plate but so does a chicken. I heard one above Yialos next to the helipad, I don't think it will stop there but I know a place down at Panormitis where they breed........These are much persecuted birds, almost extinct in England and shot in their thousands in the Med. Chris Packham has recently made a point about the slaughter in Malta. Photos to follow if I can get one.

Olivaceous warbler above. It's in there!

A spotted flycatcher; a rare catch on Symi.


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