A Flora and Fauna of Symi

A personal guide to the wildlife of Symi and beyond

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Nanou Gorge; Νανούς

I do like going down Nanou Gorge, it's always fun and there's always something unexpected to find. Thanks to our friends who made it extra special.

The path is lightly forested with pine trees, Pinus brutia, some of which must be very old, 2-300 years perhaps. In parts it reminds me of Dorset heathland around the Arne.........

Rare plants cling to the rock face high above us near to the path, Linum arboreum, a member of the flax family.

Another as yet to be identified.........

A solitary canterbury bell makes a living from the rocks here.....

On the stony plain  near the beach there are many ancient olive trees still tended and again I can't imagine how old they are.

A week early to see the the wild delphiniums in flower so maybe another trip down?

And finally the sea.......

Well not quite finally. We had lunch under a tree and watched two fisherman catch some whitebait and they very kindly offered us some which we ate that night. No taxi boat here to take us home so we walked back up the gorge.


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