A Flora and Fauna of Symi

A personal guide to the wildlife of Symi and beyond

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The road to the North of Karpathos is truly spectacular.  It takes more than hour along windy (and windy) but well made roads of which the picture to the left is just a part.

There are heavily wooded areas of pines and cypress trees very similar to Symi









A small deserted village sits on the hillside. Just box structures with well laid out field systems, a threshing circle (in the foreground) or two and a few olive trees dotted about the terraces.






A nearby terrace stands out on the hillside. Apparently well tended and neatly planted with olive trees.

The west side of Karpathos is exposed to the prevailing winds from the North West.


Life clings to the limestone hillside.



Below a pine tree (Pinus brutia} lies almost horizontal battered by the winds but undeterred in its growth.

Upright it might be 20 metres tall.



Cover is everything here. In a slight depression on the hillside Mastica and a pine tree grow side by side, while sage leafed cistus act as low ground cover.

Autumn crocus do well in the cover as do sardian warblers.








If you have walked the North Cornwall footpath you may recognize the landscape but not necessarily the plant life.









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