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Green Toad

I found this European green toad, bufo viridis, half way down the "lazy steps" after a very wet day (see previous post). This species can be found over much of Europe excluding the British Isles and Switzerland . It lives in a wide range of forests, forest steppe, scrubland, grassland and alpine habitats. Animals may be present in modified areas including urban centres, city parks and gardens - and often benefits from disturbed habitats. Spawning and larval development occurs in a diverse range of temporary and permanent waterbodies including swamps, ponds, lakes, pools in streams and rivers, reservoirs, ditches and puddles.

No doubt the onset of rains has it looking for suitable spawning areas. Later that evening we had a huge thunderstorm which added up to 100mm or 4 inches of precipitation that has accumulated over the last 48 hours. The mobile internet I subscribe to has also been knocked out so until they repair that I am relying on landline wifi wherever I can find it. 

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