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Golden Orioles et al

I don't usually make day lists of birds I've seen on Symi as they might look like the list of ingredients for a rice pudding. However today was different. A two hour walk to Lappatoniou castle on Symi's west coast produced the following:-

Golden oriole (x3), Snake eagle (short toed eagle), Eleanora's falcon (x2), Black eared wheatear, blue rock thrush, Cretzschmar's bunting, Chaffinch, Coal tit, Blackbird, Alpine swift, Swallow, Raven (2 pairs), Sparrow, Yellow legged gull, Hoopoe, Little Owl, Collared dove. Oh, and a possible Booted eagle.

That's 17 species out of 67 recorded species on Symi or 25% of  total records. As always on Symi it's quality not quantity that counts!



Snake eagle.










Eleneora's falcon


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