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Gadouras Reservoir, Rhodes

March 30, 2017

A half day at Gadouras reservoir on Rhodes turned up a few surprises for me not least a white pelican (probably on its way to the Danube estuary in Romania where a declining population breeds), a squacco heron and a nice eagle, which now looks like a sub adult white tailed sea eagle (also on migration) scaring all of the wildfowl on the water and a buzzard being mobbed by a kestrel. Coots galore, swallows a-roosting, house martins, the usual little ringed plover, great crested grebes a-courting, dabchicks, ducks various, two common sandpipers, a little egret and surprisingly for Rhodes a mute swan. Oh, and as usual I nearly stepped on a couple of hoopoes before I could get a shot at them. One of these days.

Above the white pelican and the sub adult white tailed sea eagle.

Coots galore, and a little ringed plover.

A mute swan and a cracking squacco heron.

Swallows roosting a kingfisher

A nice common buzzard and the fisherman.....

And because they are so unusual here the swan again.


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Found this place last year when we visited in October. Normally go to the Apolakkia dam but after the fires in May there was very little wildlife there. Great drive around the reservoir but not advised in the small cars you get!
Will look it up again this year when we go over in September. We also saw a pelican last year, but flying away from us so no clear recognition.