A Flora and Fauna of Symi

A personal guide to the wildlife of Symi and beyond

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Four Days on Tilos

I have much to recommend about a stay on Tilos. The walking, the bird watching and just generally the wild life are exceptional. Hunting and shooting on Tilos has been banned for many years with the result that there is rich diversity of wildlife and plant life on the island. There is little overgrazing on the island with the result that the Mediterranean garrigue positively flourishes in places. I was lucky to see Bonelli's eagles (some 4 pairs on the island) and at one point there were 16 Eleonora's falcons outside my studio window catching insects on a rising thermal. Sadly I didn't get to photo either but there is plenty to see and do on Tilos.

Bee eaters abound on Tilos. Just find a group of bee hives and sit and wait, you will not be disappointed!

The land below Megalo Chorio and Eristos on the coast is fertile land and contains many fields and olive groves. Indeed here on Symi we get a man from Tilos selling vegetables regularly. Lots of bird life here, sardinian warblers, olivaceous  and cretzshmars warblers and many others to see.


Ancient terraces cover much of the land and there is a wealth of plant life to explore. Below is a valonia oak with its roots showing!




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