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Diafani, Διαφάνι

March 17, 2017

Day 2, Karpathos. We walked up a hill a lot, we walked down hill a lot, we missed a path back to Olympos, we spotted orchids and other wonderful plants and walked down a gorge and arrived at the fishing village of Diafani. We had a beer in a taverna. And caught the school bus back to Olympos (Olibos). We met many cousins of our host. We watched Olimpiakos play at the local taverna. (not good).

Looking back at the village of Olympos.

Some flowers on the way.....

Above is the beautiful orchid Ophrys adriana. Below a very rare canterbury bell that is endemic to Karpathos, Campanula carpatha.

Fumana arabica....

Looking over some terraces.......

Looking forward to the road less travelled.......

A really good walk.



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