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Askeplion, Kos

The 3C BC temple at Askeplion on Kos sits on the side of a hill overlooking Kos town about 8 kilometres away. Asclepius was the Greek god of medicine whose attribute was a snake that he would release while his patients were asleep. The snake would lick the patients and a recovery was made. In Greek mythology and religion, he was descended from Apollo and the Coronis and received his name as a result of his birth in which his mother had to have her womb cut open in order for him to be birthed, now known as a cesarean section. Asclepius means "to cut open". There are many stories as to why Asclepius is portrayed with a snake wrapped around a stick and some are quite gruesome but the sign is still used by pharmacies all over Greece and Europe. A number 2 bus takes you there and back for €2.20 and I paid €4 to get in. Well worth a visit.

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