A Flora and Fauna of Symi

A personal guide to the wildlife of Symi and beyond

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Around the Vigla

 A Sunday walk around the Vigla.

Last time I passed this pond a few weeks ago it was dry. A few short downpours have filled it very quickly. The black pipe leads from a gully by the side of the road above this small holding. No doubt the goats will be impressed (even if it is a bit green).

Nearby there was signs of frogs, sadly squashed in the road, but I'm sure enough will have made it to the water to cast their spawn.



 Parts of Symi are heavily wooded, in this case by cypress trees. Here there is soil erosion, no doubt caused by a nearby goat herd feeding area and not helped by the heavy rains that happen in the winter. Still the trees seem none the worse.






A flock of 40 or so brightly coloured chaffinches were looking for food among the trees beside us.

Elsewhere a pair of ravens cronked their way across the sky, one being mobbed by a kestrel.






 I have found that one of the most difficult species of bird to photograph is the coaltit. Today there were a dozen or so working the cones on the cypress trees. Often they disappear into the heavily covered fir trees but on this occasion I was lucky. This coaltit found a cone on the very top of the tree!




In a clearing beyond the forest I found this interesting collection of anthills.

Very Martian like and there was evidence of one or two ants about.






Finally a rare Symi rabbit made a brief appearance before we moved on.









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