A Flora and Fauna of Symi

A personal guide to the wildlife of Symi and beyond

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A walk to Nimborio

With no sign of Autumn yet in the weather a walk to Nimborio is always refreshing with a sea breeze usually blowing to cool one down.

The slopes below the road are still green and fair variety of plant life can be seen along with the lovely sea views.









The roadside is lined with mastica and these bushes are full of little red berries from which the sweet "mastica" spirit is made.











The cypress trees are full of shiny new green cones (alongside last years cones).

Once ripened and opened the tiny black seeds buried inside are a favourite food source for the coal tit, Symi's only tit.









The valonia oak has produced lots of acorns this year, fancifully packaged in this artichoke looking case.











Here and there usually from out of a crack in a wall or a rock grows the hardy caper, so often used a pickled garnish on a salad or medeze. 











Walking back from Nimborio over the top via St Georges always produces good views. The lane winds its way through open terraces, still used although at this time of year any greenery is long gone. The Autumn rains will bring this stretch back to life and the cycle will begin again.

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