A Flora and Fauna of Symi

A personal guide to the wildlife of Symi and beyond

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A walk around the Kato Meria

This is one of two large terraces  below Paraskevi. It was rotavated  about a week ago and planted, I suspect, with oat straw for domestic animals.  We shall see and I'll try to do a weekly photograph to mark the changes. This gives a rare glimpse into a once rural and agricultural economy that was seen all over Symi.

 The contrast is clear to see against the rest of the hillside where a degraded garrigue or phrygana exists.




This was taken at the top of the ravine that empties out on to Nimborio beach. The recent rains have put life back into the plants that have survived the long hot summer.

Hereabouts, sage, oregano and thyme are flourishing. Small crocus like flowers are scattered amongst the rocks and the big leaves of the poisonous common asphodel are emerging from their large bulbs. A little owl flits across the ravine, too quick to catch a photo. I have seen him (or her) many times before on this walk.




A pony and its young foal stand quietly in their enclosure surrounded by oat straw. I wonder if this chap will be destined to carry goods up and down the Kalistrata one day.






At the bottom of the ravine surrounded by a high stone wall is a long deserted garden with an impressive date palm at its centre. Two houses one with a roof lie at the edge of the garden.




 More pics of the return to harbour tomorrow.


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