A Flora and Fauna of Symi

A personal guide to the wildlife of Symi and beyond

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A Lot of Purrrrring.....

We set off today with the sole intention of finding and photographing turtle doves. There are a number of places on Symi where I have heard and seen them so I thought the path up to Stavros Polemou would be a good bet. Indeed on a bend in the road above Horio near Aghia Ekaterina there were two turtle doves feeding on the gravel just ten feet away. By the time I had jumped out of the car and got my camera out they were off and purring on some distant tree top. Again they were to be heard around the hillside below Stavros Polemou but today no photos, so I will try again elsewhere. Here is what they sound and look like.

Looking down from Stavros Polemou I caught sight of two long legged buzzards soaring on the updraughts of the steep hill below. They really do look magnificent and very eagle like and once again they avoided a decent camera shot although I did get this long distance pic......

One subject which did stay still (thank goodness!) for a photo was this lovely Kermes oak tree. Possibly the largest of its species on the island and it is growing next to the chapel of Panagia Panaidi just below Stavros Polemou. The stone engraving above the chapel has the date 1737 so I would think this oak is at least contemporary with this date.







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