A Flora and Fauna of Symi

A personal guide to the wildlife of Symi and beyond

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A Curio of Mosses, Lichens, Fungi and Algae.

A walk in the woods yesterday produces very little in the way of flowers so I'm looking at toadstools which seem grow in the needle litter below the pine trees, moss which grows anywhere where there is little or no sun and lichens which have similar requirements. All seem to thrive on the recent rains and survive the many months of drought that we have on Symi. I can't identify the individual species but I do love the shapes, colours and patterns that nature makes. Click on individual shots to enlarge.


Lichens. A symbiotic relationship between algae and fungi.

A very curious lichen or fungus that looks like rocks and pebbles and is leathery to the touch.

A tree lichen.




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