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Blog posts August 2017

Partial Eclipse of the Moon

The Partial eclipse of the moon as seen tonight from Symi at its maximum about 21.20pm EET. I got painfully bitten by the mosquitoes as I stood in some ruins.........


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Portuguese Laurel & Copyright issues

Recently I have discovered a website that stores my photos and allows the public to download these photos for free or cost and without my permission. The site is a complete scam and although it looks professional few of the links work (contact us, about etc). If you google an image for example, a blackbird, my title is there (symifloraandfauna.jig…

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My good friend Jon Ryan sent me this superb picture of an octopus just off the harbour wall at Pedi.

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Little Owls

After a long absence since March a little owl roosts on our local patch. Asleep during the heat of the afternoon, he perks up at sunset.

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Loggerhead Turtles

Some lovely shots of loggerhead turtles sent to me by Nancy Jenkin while on holiday on Kastellorizo. 

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Κάλο μήνα

Καλό μήνα, or happy August.                                                                                                                                                                               Super delicious yummy juicy ripe figs below our hous…

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