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Blog posts May 2017

Rainy Day.......

May 31, 2017

A trip up to the mountains was curtailed despite the thunder and lightning warning we received half way up to Stavros Polemou. Fortunately the church was open where we spent half an hour watching the rain come down. Below was the view of the village as we set off!

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Wild Onions

May 30, 2017

Wild onions on the way to St Nick's, Allium amethystinum.

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Aegean Meadow Brown

May 29, 2017

A rather moth eaten specimen of Maniola telmessia but there is only one generation of these butterflies which fly from January to October so they have a comparatively long life. Found all over Symi they are primarily an Asiatic species and are found in the eastern Aegean islands near to the Turkish coast with various variations across the islands.…

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Eleonora's Falcons

May 28, 2017

The eleonora's falcon has an unusual and interesting life. The latin name, Falco eleonorae also has an interesting history. Falco is derived from the latin word falcis meaning sickle and refers to the shape of its claws. Eleonor of Arborea is the national heroine of Sardinia, and was born in 1347 and became Queen of Arborea until her death in 1404.…

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Geranium Bronze

May 27, 2017

The geranium bronze or Cacyreus marshalli is an introduced species first recorded in the UK in 1997. Probably imported on geranium specimens from South Africa where it is considered a pest. The larva burrow into the buds and leaves and causes damage to the plants. Now found over most of Mediterranean. If you click on the pictures and click again to…

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Sage Skipper

May 25, 2017

The sage skipper is a true dry habitat species which is found in harsh, bleak and sparsely vegetated places.  Restricted to Symi, Karpathos and Kithira on the Greek islands and the Greek mainland. Also found in other areas of the Southern Mediterranean where its preferred plant is phlomis and it has two broods with a long flight season from April t…

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Blue Rock Thrush

May 24, 2017

No kestrels or little owls breeding locally this year. We had three pairs within a few hundred yards of our window and at least one little owl pair breeding. All were successful in producing young. I am devastated. I can only imagine what might have happened to the resident birds as this area on Symi is always very productive. So you'll have to do …

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Blue Rock Thrush

May 23, 2017

Lots of noise last evening from our resident blue rock thrushes with alarm calls galore. I suspect the juveniles had fledged although I didn't see them. Here a male has a fat cicada for the offering.


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The Sea

May 22, 2017

The return from Rhodes harbour to Panormitis on the Skiadenni was relatively calm and eventless on Sunday with lots of holiday makers doing a day trip to Symi. I didn't expect to see any of the three shearwaters on the crossing (Cory's, Yelkouan or storm petrel) as they were likely to be concerned with bringing up their young but an adult mediter…

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Steve Daniels

May 4, 2017

Steve Daniels wonderful way of describing nature on Crete continues here....


And on that note I'll say goodbye for a couple of weeks until I return to Symi and hope that our resident kestrels have also returned from last year.

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May 3, 2017

The walk carries on around the island to two high points; one with modern communication masts and the other is the Acropolis of the Paleokastro. The acropolis dates from the 5c BC and I have included a picture of one of the information boards that are on the enclosed and recently preserved site. Click on that for a magnified view. The views from he…

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May 2, 2017

Behind the harbour is a steep staircase that rises to the plateau that covers much of the island. The circular route takes you past a restored Monastery (no access on the day we were there) through some old fields and terraces and a partly restored farmhouse. Lots of orchids, many black-eared wheatears, a couple of long legged buzzards and an old s…

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