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Blog posts April 2017

Olive Trees

The olive trees at the monastery of Tharri near Laerma on Rhodes are some of the largest I've ever seen. There are a number of ways to date a tree; radio carbon, dendrology and so on all of which can be unreliable or not possible especially when tree has split into many sections through old age. The annual growth of the rings varies between 0.7m…

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Steve Daniels

Steve Daniels latest blog on Crete Nature can be found here......

"The Sweet Smell of Rain"

A well informed, lively and fun piece of work, well worth reading!

Life on the Kremasti River

A few photos from the river above the airport road to the beach, no more than a few hundred yards in length. Not the most rural location but the water is still flowing and life abounds along its course. Click on each pick to see a different view.

A couple of squacco herons work the reeds for frogs.

Up against the road is a good supp…

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