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Blog posts March 2017

Scarlet Pimpernel

Another member of the primrose family in full flower but just a few millimetres across is Anagallis arvensis.

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Cyclamens, as usual, put on a wonderful display at this time of year on Symi. They are members of the primrose family and we have just one species on Symi, Cyclamen persicum sometimes called Persian sowbread or florist's cyclamen.

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The tiniest of plants sits wedged between the ancient stone steps that lead down to the harbour. An ideal man made environment for this member of the stock family, Biscutella didyma, has a pair of fruit discs just 5mm across.

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Crete Nature Blog

Steve Daniels latest blog on Crete nature. For a really good read Click here.

A Bird........

Plenty of signs that spring is on its way with the plant life, and tortoises foraging, but no birds. Indeed a walk to Nimborio a few days ago produced two birds. A fairly well named yellow-legged gull and a very distant audouins gull.

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Corn Salad

Valerianella discoidea belongs to a genus of plants known as "Corn salads" which grow on fallow ground, fields, roadsides etc. and are common throughout the Mediterranean. The base leaves are picked before flowering and make a nice addition to a green salad. What makes this short annual plant special to me is that it is has not been recorded as gro…

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More Rain

The more the better to see us through the Summer.

Καλό Μήνα

The geranium family is well represented on Symi and here are just two of the nine or so species found here. Erodium rotundifolium and Erodium cicutarium.

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