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Blog posts January 2017

Gone Fishing

As I write this it is 1c and sunny and it seems that every island in the Aegean has had snow except for us. Skopolos has been declared an emergency situation and there is snow on Rhodes and Crete from about 300m up. I don't think that  will bother this kingfisher as there are plenty of fish in the bay at Pedi where I took this. Indeed I saw one in …

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As promised I've reposted these crocuses that I found on Symi a week or so ago. There is quite a variation in colour with predominately white petals and some with purple colouring, certainly in the population that I saw. I am indebted to Janis Ruksans, Margaret Young from the Scottish Rock Garden Club and in particular Professor Arne Strid who is a…

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Monks Cowl

Like lots of monks in silence waiting for the order to go........


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Symi Paths

Some paths are well marked (well at the start, anyway) pointing to their destination. In this case Mikro Sotiros.

Other paths are DIY and involve scrabbling across sharp pointed limestone rocks but offer fabulous views. Nanou , in this case.

This path (yes, really) was wide and marked with small piles of rocks and ended on the other …

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After a quick trip up the mountain to take more photos of the newly found crocus for further identification we ventured round the hills above Nanou. More of both of those later but the only wildlife we saw was an escaped turkey!

The old monastery of Mikro Sotiros.

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Cold Polar Air

The blast of cold polar air continues with night temperatures of 3c and daytime temperatures of 6 degrees celsius (regardless of what the app says on the right). However this is a fine opportunity to catch some stunning landscape scenes and long distant views that are not normally associated with Symi, particularly in the summer months. I like to t…

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