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Common Buzzard

It's been a few days since I posted anything and the square at Stavros and staircase above it is still the same as in the photo on a previous post. We have moved to our winter quarters after doing some repair work, sorting the water supply out etc. Indeed we are told some able bodies will be coming to start work on the square this week. 

In a…

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A muddy blanket dangles limply over a pipe, its sodden ends dripping into the chasm below. Where once a neatly paved square afforded a view of the colourful houses and churches in the village there is now just the bare bones of Symi, a ravine, pure bedrock scoured clean by a million gallons of water, mud and rocks. Years of household rubbish, aband…

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I am standing on the balcony and watch the storm approaching. Night becomes day; a brief instant in time and the Acropolis in front of me is revealed. The houses below light up and the church on top almost touching the sky. The thunder is constant but still the rain is light, a few drops here and there. The lightning zigzags across the sky from clo…

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By now I'm sure that most of you have heard of the terrible storm that's happened here. Until the situation improves I will be unable to post any further articles. This is the view of our local square. The harbour has been devastated and many businesses flooded. I have not heard of any loss of life but people have lost homes and their welfare etc..…

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Rain, Thunder, Lightning and Hail......

A welcome drop of rain for Symi today.

Phoenicurus ochruros

The black redstart is a common sight during the winter months in the village with its "tick, tick" call. Originally it nested in cliffs and cracks in rocks in the mountains so it is not hard to understand why these birds may do well amongst the ruins here on Symi.


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Common Sternbergia

An early flowering Autumn bulb and a member of the daffodil family, Common sternbergia (Sternbergia lutea), basking in some late afternoon sunshine.


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