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Blog posts August 2016

Have a Good Summer! Καλοκαίρι!

I'm away for a couple of weeks but I found this book on the Birds of Symi which I will be studying. Now where's my Greek dictionary......

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Finding fresh subjects at this time of year is always difficult, not least because of the heat and also the goats and sheep have eaten everything on the ground.

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I am surprised by this little annual growing out of the stones after months of no rain and searing temperatures. Heliotropium hirsuitissimum.


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Reptiles and Other Animals.

The next report is mainly related to reptiles which are not everyone's cup of tea but nevertheless are an important part of the environment and ecology on Symi. I am just a novice in this field and over the last week I've had the great pleasure and privilage of spending time with Matt Wilson looking for and learning about reptiles and amphibians. H…

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The fruits on the fig tree are ripening fast and the leaves are turning brown and falling due to the heat stress, leaving the trees looking bare.

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Επτά Πηγές

Seven Springs is a tributary of the Loutanis river about 5 kilometres west of Kolymbia on Rhodes. Very busy in the Summer months but still worth a visit. There is just a trickle of water at this time of year at the source.

Set in glorious woodland where big plane trees take central place near the water.....

Domestic geese seem happy e…

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Turtle Doves

Looking for lesser kestrels around the Toli area around wasn't successful but we did come across a decent group of turtle doves in a field and a distant little owl.


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