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Blog posts June 2016

Pied Wagtails

A pied wagtail and its young on St Emilianos island. Some of you will recognise the stone!

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Monk seal

The main event of yesterday was seeing a monk seal in the seal cave on Symi from the Poseidon. First time in three and a half years for me and caused some excitement on the boat. Too fast for pics (and others) so here's a photo of a fishing boat instead, the cave itself and a monk seal from about the same spot a year ago by Peter Morris

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Feeding your Young......

Feeding Young Kestrels

A hungry family to feed.........

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These are chukars and are closely related to red legged partridges. They gave me the best ever shot in three and a half years on living on Symi.

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Kestrels again!

If you've been following my blog you will have noticed that I've featured a pair of kestrels nesting nearby. There are two fledglings, one of which came out today (Thursday) and here she is. A female juvenile and looking a bit ruffled. Taken in poor light long after the sun went down.

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My first attempt at underwater pics; a tube worm, a red sponge and some fishes......

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Athens Nature Journal

Some beautiful photos from Meteora in Northern Greece by Dr Zogaris.

Here at http://zogaris.blogspot.gr/

Turtle Doves - Τρυγόνι

Marathounda - Μαραθούντα - is my favourite place for turtle doves and yesterday was no exception. 

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Golden Oriole

Another bird that seems to have had success breeding on Symi this year is the golden oriole. I caught this one (of a pair) a month ago nearby and James Collins sent me a lovely photo of a juvenile below. 

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Blackeared Wheatears

A male and a female blackeared wheatear nicely photographed by Sue Price, thanks. Feeding young by the looks of it too.

Here's a juvenile from a year ago......... (Rene Neilsen)


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Hot Kestrels

I'm back on Symi and from torrential downpours in Manchester to temperatures hovering just below 40c it feels like a baptism of fire. I'm not the only one looking for some breeze. Our local kestrel is in a nearby cypress tree cooling with its wings slightly spread. It is also feeding one or possibly two young.

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