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Blog posts May 2016

Butterflies of Greece

After reassessing my butterfly photos I now have 8 new species that I failed to identify correctly in the first instance. This is all thanks Lazaros Pamperis and here is his website;http://www.pamperis.gr/index/Welcome.html
African ringlet, cleopatra, large white, large tortoiseshell, lesser fiery copper, Loew's blue, a small skipper and a lulwor…

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Butterflies of Greece

I am most grateful to Kyrie Lazaros Pamperis for the corrections to my butterflies collection of photographs. His extensive website can be found here http://www.pamperis.gr/index/Welcome.html I will in due course review and share some of the mistakes I have made in identification. Below is a Lulworth skipper.


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Hypericum empetrifolium

A new plant for me on Symi a close relative of St John's Wort. Maybe I've just never walked past here at this time of year.

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Very Distant.....

A nice spotted flycatcher on the road to Nimborio.

And one of a pair of Snake eagles (short toed eagle) way up in the sky.

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Athene Noctua

Keeping an eye on things.

Easter Sunday

While we were enjoying traditional Easter Sunday lamb including entrail soup as a starter this chap was tucking into a sparrow for his lunch.

A bit of post dinner grooming.

And away again.

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The day started off well with a golden oriole showing well outside our house. By the car park lots of wild hollyhocks (Alcea heldreichii) were blooming on the hillside.

The track down to Faneromenii takes about an hour or so and today we made a short detour to the little chapel of Agios Ioannis that sits in a cave scraped out of a rock overlooki…

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