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Blog posts February 2016

More Wet Fruit

Most of the oranges got blown down in the gales the other day but the lemons are much tougher to remove. 

They are extremely juicy at the moment.






Below: Ivy


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Of Nettles, Terraces and a Monastery

This section of hillside is almost entirely covered in ancient terraces - photo taken last summer - and positioned between two ravines where presumably water can be stored and diverted on to the fields. 

At the bottom is an olive tree, above it and to the right is a large valonia oak and way above at the top in the middle is a circular building…

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A Water Spout Over Symi

Symi Rain

A welcome bout of gentle rain all day kept me indoors yesterday.

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The almond trees are just coming into flower and the bees are working hard gathering the nectar.

Here there are a few almond trees growing on a disused terrace on the road to the Life Giving Springs and perched precariously on the edge a collapsed terrace wall with its roots exposed to the elements.

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Romulae ramiflora subspecies ramiflora

Scattered all over the island this little plant is a member of the iris family with a small cormous root and no more than a couple of inches tall.

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Yelkouan Shearwaters and Other Matters.

This is the lighthouse sited on the end of the Datca peninsular in Turkey. It marks the halfway point to Kos from Symi and often there are many yelkouan shearwaters hereabouts. Today there was just one but I have seen a raft of many hundreds at other times. There were quite a few sandwich terns too in a group of gulls.

The picture I took is almo…

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Anemones and Narcissi

Two species newly recorded for Symi;

 Narcissus tazetta subsp. tazetta (with pure white perianth; cream in subsp. italicus) and below is Anemone coronaria.

If confirmed by a specialist botanist they will make their way into Flora Hellenica catalogue in Sweden.

Whatever they are, they  are beautiful.






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