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Small Birds......

Small birds are always very shy here on Symi but at least with the leaves off some of the trees I have a better chance of capturing them.

A coaltit, chiffchaff and a black redstart.








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Paterson's curse

Echium plantagineum, commonly known as purple viper's-bugloss or Paterson's curse, is a species of Echium native to western and southern Europe (from southern England south to Iberia and east to the Crimea), northern Africa, and southwestern Asia (east to Georgia). It has also been introduced to Australia, South Africa and United States, where …

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Looking for a Meal

Looking for a meal but with air temperatures at 2c there's not many reptiles about.

Long legged buzzard.






Except this one. Basking in the sun.


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I've no idea what these shells are doing on top of the Acropolis on Symi. It has been suggested to me that they are Turritella communis,  or the common tower shell, a sea snail. I can only imagine that birds have brought them here, or maybe a child?!


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Not a native to Symi or indeed Europe but here sitting just below the Acropolis next to an old ruin.

Possibly Vachellia constricta, also known commonly as the whitethorn acacia, is a shrub native to Mexico and the Southwestern United States and possibly planted as a decorative shrub in someone's garden. 

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"Scientists in Italy rediscover snake that was used by ancient Greeks as a weapon of war." Telegraph newspaper. Click on picture (it wont bite).



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