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Blog posts November 2016

Common Sternbergia

Common sternbergia is a member of the daffodil family and seen here in reasonable numbers on a nearby hillside. Sternbergia lutea subsp. sicula.

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After successfully rearing two young earlier this year the kestrels have returned to their old territory after a long hot summer here on Symi. Very early for breeding but they do seem to be making a lot of noise! We shall see.

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Bathtime for Sparrows

Kri Kri

The feral goat of Crete and found nowhere else in the world and therefore endemic to Crete. Thought to have been brought from Asia by the Minoan civilisation many thousands of years ago and confirmed by genetic matches to bones in archaeological  sites, these goats represent a snapshot in time of an ancient domestic species. Now protected by law …

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The Hand of Buddha

"The Hand of Buddha" was brought over by Alexander the Great to the Mediterranean in 325BC and placed as an offering in temples. The fingered citron is now used medicinally and as an insecticide among other uses. (Crete Botannical Gardens)

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Autumn Crocus

One of four species of Autumn crocus that grow on Symi. Colchicum macrophyllum.

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Siskins Λούγαρο

A fig tree full of siskins today. I'm not sure quite how I over looked these in the last few years but here they are. Male, females and a juvenile probably wintering in the south of their range perhaps because of cold weather. Λούγαρο.

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