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Blog posts September 2015

Sea Squill

This plant is the sea squill or Urginea  maritima.

This plant is one of the few to flower in the late summer before the Autumn rains. The tall spike of flowers shoots directly from a large bulb that sits below the surface of the very dry soil. The bulb can weigh up to two kilograms and is very poisonous. The sea squill avoids competition wi…

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Snake Eyed Lizard

Lots of these lizards around at the moment especially on the cataractus (the old path up to the village). The tail is twice the length of the body and it has large starry eyes. Similar in size to oertzeni's lizard.

Snake eyed lizard or Ophisops elegans.

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Blooming Bouganvillea

The hotter the better, it would seem for this  bouganvillea.

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Raven Watching.

A nice display of six ravens over the acropolis this afternoon. Catching the rising thermals, soaring, cronking, muttering and generally messing about with each other.

Looks like fun to me in this heat (36c).

Possibly two family groups.

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Red Veined Darter

Photograph from Neil Gosling of a female red veined darter.

Monk Seals

Thanks to Peter Morris for this picture of a monk seal seen off the East coast of Symi today. 

There was a pair of them too!

In three years that I have been here I have not had the good fortune of seeing one yet. So a rare treat. This is one of only 600 individuals left in the world.

More info about monk seals here.


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