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Blog posts July 2015

Turkish Gecko

Meet my new house mate - a turkish gecko (Hemidactylus turcicus). Having one in your house is supposed to bring you good luck! 

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Scarce Swallowtail

Not very scarce at the moment. Photo by Jim Partington

Migration Season Starts

It's still high summer here on Symi, but I'm reminded by the BTO that British cuckoos have already started south and three have crossed the Sahara. You can following their journey here. Over the acropolis in Horio many alpine swifts gather every evening to feed on rising insects, before continuing on their journey south to winter quarters in Africa…

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Review: June 2014

To end the review of last year, a favourite of mine, seen all over the island; the black eared wheatear.

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Review: May 2015

A month for butterflies. The oriental marbled skipper.

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Audoiun's Gull

This is a gull that can be best seen from the Poseidon when doing "round the island trip" with Captain Yianni. The following is an article taken from birdguides.com .

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Audouin's Gull, an EU Birds Directive triumph

Posted on: 11 Jul 2015
"As conservationists argue for the EU Birds Directives not to be watered down…

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Review: April 2015

Far too many favourites this month to pick out but this rare gladioli caught my eye, G.anatolicus.

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Of Eagles and Shearwaters.........

A trip up to Kos on Sunday on the Spanos disturbed approximately 200 yelkouan shearwaters! These birds are almost indistinguishable from manx shearwaters outside of their range. The most obvious feature on Sunday was the upper parts of the wing which were brownish - black, unlike manx which are always black. So there we are and no camera to boot! …

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Review: March 2015

Flowers of the Pedi Valley

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Review: February 2015

With Spring well under way there's lot to see; wild flowers, and this long legged buzzard near a reservoir on Rhodos. This raptor is a beautiful golden colour and in flight is quite majestic like, often mistaken for an eagle.

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Review: January 2015

I've heard the pipping sound of the kingfisher and seen the blue flash as it sped off into the distance a few times on Symi. On this occasion, at some distance, I watched this bird feed off the boats and jetties down at Pedi and I was lucky to get this shot.

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Review: December 2014

With the rains come the mushrooms, not something you see everyday on Symi....

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Review: November 2014

The end of the summer season gives us time off to explore other islands, so we spent two weeks in Crete. The end of the season brings the rains and it rained everyday we were there! Lots to see, but this egret stood out in Chania harbour.

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Review: October 2014

I am always amazed that after 5 months of hot weather and no rain that any plant can then throw up a flower. This little bulb, easily overlooked, sends up a delightful flower. The autumn squill.

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Mediterranean Shag

I'm almost embarrassed to put this photo from my mobile phone in today........but it is a Mediterranean shag (Phaloacrocorax aristotelis ssp. desmarestii) and it seems to be happy fishing in the main harbour with all the water taxis, day trip boats etc that are filling the harbour. Very unusual bird and a treat to see.

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