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Blog posts June 2015

Morning Glory

To be enjoyed with a cup of coffee at the Olive Tree cafe!

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Images from Nanou

undefinedOn sunday we took the easy way to Nanou; the water taxi. I have walked up and down the gorge a few times but this is the view looking up the gorge. It appears very green after the winter rains.

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undefinedThe fore shore is littered with stones and boulders was…

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Roadside Colour

I took this photograph almost two months ago and it's difficult to believe looking at the brown and dusty roadside now how much colour there was back then.

Without rain that is the way it will stay now until November when the whole cycle will start over again.

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Sage Tea

Sage has a long tradition of use in Greece, where it is valued for its beauty, medicinal value, and culinary use, along with its sweet nectar and pollen. Salvia fruticosa was depicted in a Minoan fresco circa 1400 BCE at Knossos on the island of Crete. The ancient Phoenicians and Greeks likely introduced the plant for cultivation to the Iberian…

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Etruscan honeysuckle; Lonicera etrusca.

The common honeysuckle of the Mediterranean region. A climbing shrub to 5m or more with scented yellow - white flowers found in hedgerows, open scrub, garrigue and cultivated in gardens.

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The Levantine Skipper. My reference book says it is confined to Greece; Parnassos & Askion mountains; islands of Chios, Samos, lesbos and Rodos. Now on Symi and feeding on Greek horehound  (Ballota acetabulosa).

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Audouin's Gull

Still a comparatively rare gull, but significant increase in Western Mediterranean  in recent years (10,000 pairs). Here seen on the southern and western shores of Symi in single numbers. An elegant bird and a more graceful flier with much more gliding than a herring gull. Easily distinguishable from the only other gull seen he…

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Little Owl

A short walk to Aghios Ionnis from Panormitis (more on that tomorrow) produced this lovely Little Owl - Athene noctua - it was feeding in the garrigue with an owlet and flew up to this tree. We observed each other for a short while.


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