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Blog posts March 2015

A Few Orchids

Some orchids all within a few square yards of each other at Filermos on Rodos.

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Summer's Here for the Day



The skies are full of hirundines this morning; common swifts, swallows, house martins, crag martins but no alpine swifts as yet. Indeed this is the first time I've seen common swifts over Symi in large numbers; the really big colony of these birds is to be seen at the cathedral on Rhodes town (opposite the post office).





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Flowers of Pedi Valley

Honey is Best

Most definetly!

Today Justine and I will be flying back to the UK for a few weeks and we will return home in time for the Greek Easter which is the following weekend from the English Easter.

This maybe the last blog til then but it rather depends on whether I get any access to a laptop etc.... 




These kids will be saf…

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Wagatails & Tadpoles

Behind one the houses on the Pedi waterfront is this area of standing fresh water from all the rains we have had recently. No doubt it will be gone in a few weeks time when the sun gets high but for now it is home to three grey wagtails and lots of tadploes.






The yellow wagtails are probably passing through (migrants) along …

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Ravine Life

Not a place to be standing when there's a storm about. 

This dry river bed is right in the middle of the Pedi valley and is about 10 feet deep and just a few feet wide.








A funnel web spider has made his nest in the ravine under an overhanging rock.











This cyclamen corm has be…

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A Few Flowers....

Henbit Deadnettle

A small perennial deadnettle with a deep purple colour easily overlooked. Lamium amplexicaule.

Yellow Allysum

A tiny golden allysum with the petals no more than 5mm long, again easily overlooked. A member of the Stock family; Alyssum saxatile.

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More Confusion............

Shepherds Needle

So called because the fruit is long and needle like.

This is possibly Scandix pecten-veneris although it could be Scandix australis, I can't tell until the fruits appear in a week or so.

Spreading Hedge Parsley

The flowers at first glance are very similar to shepherds needles and…

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A Symi Wall Garden



Spring has sprung

The grass is riz

I wonder where the birdies is?
Some say the bird is on the wing,
But that's absurd,
Cause de wing is on de bird.

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