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Blog posts February 2015

Rodos: Day one, pm.


Just a few miles along the coast beyond Lindos is the holiday resort of Pefki. Just before the main resort a small road turns left dotted with scores of incomplete housing developments, seemingly randomly placed here and there with any relation to the environment. The travels along the peninsular and eventually peters out. 

After that yo…

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Rodos; Day one.


This is Lindos castle on Rhodes south eastern coast. I spent a few hours walking around the headland. Despite the gale force winds the coast line was relatively well protected.





A large flock of linnets (30 +) were foraging in the scrub. A colourful male briefly showed itself and let out a burst of song.






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No blogs....

Sadly the web host for this site is not functioning and I am able only to post text and nothing else.

I hope the matter will be resolved shortly.


Crocosmia - monbretia.

More used to seeing this plant on the coastal footpaths of Cornwall, flowering in late summer. But here it is in January on Symi growing on a piece of waste land. A garden escape probably. The genus name is derived from the Greek words krokos, meaning "saffron", and osme, meaning "odor", as dried leaves of these plant…

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Cacti and Rainbows

An afternoon spent dodging the showers and trying to find the owner of a wire entangled pony. Very strong colours too!








This prickly cactus I found on the hillside above Horio. I guess it is many dozens of years old and a garden escape. Probably of American origin.



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Possibly Lepista  nuda also known as the wood blewit.








Here seen growing from a carpet of kermes oak leaf detritus.




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Muscari macrocarpum

Muscari macrocarpum is a perennial bulbous plant, one of a number of species and genera known as Grape Hyacinth, in this case Yellow Grape Hyacinth. Found also in Crete,  Amorgos and south-west Turkey, where it grows in rocky places, it is sometimes grown as an ornamental plant. Here found near the shore below the Nimborio road.

On retu…

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Something different today, not really flora or fauna but a few curiosities found on the Nimborio road.

Possibly from a large marble freeze and built into the side of a house. House wife duties of the ancients? Picking oranges and sweeping the floors. Who knows?






At first glance just a pile of stones. But these rocks are very ca…

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