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The sponge divers cooperative on Symi probably taken in the 1920's. Looking at the size of the sponges in the photo there were still some good pickings to be found. Swimming around the bays now one can see the odd sponge maybe a few inches across. The following site has a lot of information about sponge diving in the Dodekanese.


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Panagia Campiotissa

The heat of the summer is now telling on the countryside. Parched terrain is seen everywhere, with no rain since the beginning of June and none likely till the end of October. On the concrete road to the monastery of Panagia Campiotissa there is a patch of land that is protected not from the blazing heat of August but from the hunger of grazing ani…

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Cypress Timber

This is the impressive main door of Megalos Sotiris. Made from 3 planks of wood each about 2" thick and covered with strips of metal sheeting that have been bolted into the wood, complete with an ancient lock and key. I like to imagine this door maybe hundreds of years old and serves not just as barrier to the outside world but as a defensive featu…

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